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The Department of Cultural Creative Industries (CCI) was established in 2010, as a result of integrating the Department of Taiwan Cultural Industries Management and the Graduate Institute of Hakka Culture.

Being the program predecessor, the Department of Taiwan Cultural Industries Management was founded in 2005, and has been the first academic program in cultural creative industries at higher educational level. It aimed to nurture future professionals in management; administration, planning and marketing for cultural industries, and help strengthen their competitiveness to become the backbone of workforce in the nation’s development of cultural industries.

On the other hand, along with the rise of the Graduate Institute of Hakka Culture was then launched in 2006, and its mission was to promote the learning, understanding, preservation of Hakka culture and the usage of Hakka language.

Adding new Hakka elements into the solid foundation of teaching, research and industry collaborations, the two aforementioned units were then incorporated into a newand complete interdisciplinaryacademic program, the Department of Cultural Creative Industries, including both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Cultural creative industries have been the priority areas of national development in the last decade. Despite of being located in Pingtung, the very south point of Taiwan, CCI has always fulfilled its inescapable responsibilities and obligations to be the navigator for Taiwan’s cultural creative industries.CCI has not only helped equip our students with necessary capabilities, but helped students to see and go global, which can be affirmed through distinguished performances and national honors that our students have achieved in last ten years.